Dog Walks
Did someone say get the leash?

If you're struggling to exercise your dogs due to long work hours or any other reasons, then don't worry! at Westby's walks and pet services we provide excellent exercise and socialisation services.

I will walk your beloved pups in groups no bigger than 4 or, if your dog doesn't like the company, I can also provide individual walks.

All walks last for an hour unless otherwise instructed. Also, driving to destinations or toweling down wet dogs after a walk does not eat into exercise time.

I do allow dogs to walk off-lead with your consent; but they must gain my trust and have an excellent recall before I allow this.

We do look forward to meeting your pet, and discussing any walk requirements you or your dog may have. We will do our utmost to ensure your pet has a tail-wagging time with us, and will actively look forward to their next walkies with us.

Social Walks

Most dogs love to be out and about socilising with other dogs, just like humans, they need friendship and fellow companionship for a healthy life. Your dog will love the friendly, energetic interaction of our group walking session.

Alternatively, we also offer individual walks if your pup prefers to have our undivided attention.

Inclusive Transport
Pawsome Transport

Your pet means the world to you, and that's why we will transport your loved one in our bespoke van with large cages specially made for us. Our eco-friendly van provides comfort for your pet, as well as incorporating additional safety measures built-in to ensure your pet is transported for their walk in ultimate safety and comfort.

Safe Paws
Basic Training

I offer basic off lead training as a standard practise on my walks, we will practise things like recalling to me, sits, downs and much more! Not only is this really fun and engaging for your dog but it also teaches them really handy skills for our future adventures!

Walkies Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What are your charges for walks?
A: Please see our walk prices to the right to see our current charges and discounts for multiple pets.
Q: How long are your walks?
A: All walks last for an hour unless otherwise instructed. Also, driving to destinations or towelling down wet dogs does not eat into exercise time.
Q: How many dogs do you take in a group walk?
A: We only take small groups of dogs at a time for a group walk. We find this is an optimal amount for social interaction, while not compromising on control and safety.
Q: Are your walks safe?
A: We only walk your pets on routes we feel safe. We do enjoy taking dogs to the Fylde coast while seasonal restrictions are lifted. We also carry a dog friendly first aid kit which includes the PDSA-recommended items to ensure we can take care of your pet in the unlikely event of any cuts or injuries.
Q: Can you pick up / drop off my pet?
A: We are really excited to offer transport locally to pick up your pooch for their walk, and then drop them back off again. This way, we can take your loved pets on new and exciting walks from time to time.
Q: My dog needs to be walked alone, do you offer this?
A: We do offer individual walks if your pet prefers this. Your dog will have our full and undivided attention and will be transported in our van alone to ensure your pet has a dedicated, quiet and ultimately a stress-free environment and walk a nice relaxing walk. The current price for an hour individual walk is detailed to the right.

Walks Current Prices
1 Hour
£8 Extra for
multiple Dogs
30 Mins
from £12
1 Hour
from £18