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Our COVID-19 Safeguards
What I'm doing to protect you & your family...

I'm taking robust measures to ensure that the wellbeing of my customers and their pets is of paramount importance during the global outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID- 19).

I have had to change the way I do many of my operations, to ensure I can minimalise the risk to both you and your pets, but also me and my loved ones.

Please read below on our I am adapting to help ensure I do my bit in keeping you and myself safe during these challenging times.

Distanced Hand-Off

If possible, I kindly ask that you are able to have your dog ready for their walk (leashed and raring to go!) and waiting in a safe place such as in your garden or on a poach. We can ring to let you know when we are at your home, then wait for you to escort your pet to the garden to hand over to me. This just helps keep the social distancing between me and your family. The added time this may take will not eat into the walk time, and we understand that this may not be possible, so we can still perform our in house collection if needed.

Shoes Off

I have always taken my shoes off when I enter your home, even before the pandemic, simply out of respect. I will continue to do so, to ensure a barrier from the outside, to your floor is maintained. If you are able to perform a contact free hand-off, then this would be greatly appreciated.

Gloves On Approach

I will always wear clean, fresh gloves when walking your dogs & entering your home. These gloves will be changed frequently during the walk, before and after entering your property boundary and while driving. All gloves will be binned in a responsible manner.

No Contact Walks

While out on walks, we will aim for quiet (but safe) places, to keep the 2-meter minimum distance between us and any other people and fellow dogs while on walks.