Everybody likes a toilet break...

We live very busy lives, and as much as we would like to be home with our poochies, we have other commitments that sometimes take us away from home and our pets.

We can go to your home, let your pet out for a toilet break and some fresh air. We'll also replenish any food and water dishes, and ensure your pet is happy and comfortable.

This service is ideal for young and and older dogs, who may need the additional toilet breaks throughout the day to avoid accidents.

A number of young puppies may also benefit from more regular, but short, walks to combat their little spikes of energy. This will aid in their behaviour and training, and will also help them to become accustomed to walking and being on a lead. As they get older, they can then go for longer, more intense walks..

We also have experience with, and are more than happy to administer medication to your dog. Some dogs (just like humans!) really detest medication time, but we are patient and understanding and know the signs to look for to make the process as stress-free and pleasant for your dog.

Your pet will really appreciate a friendly face while you're out.

Comfort Breaks
Comfort Breaks

No pet really likes to have an accident. They, like us, also feel embarrassed, ashamed and worry about their owners reaction.

Let us take this worry away, by visiting your dog and allowing them a comfort break during the day while you're away from home.

Administer Medication
Administer Medication

On a home call, we can help administer medication your dog may need to take. This might be eye drops, or tablets. We have many years experience doing so, and know how to keep your dog relaxed during this stressful event.

Puppy Walks
Puppy Walks

We do envy puppies, and the bursts of energy they have. That energy needs to be spent more frequently in short bursts to keep a dog happy and occupied. We can offer your puppy a short walk within our 30-minute housecall visit.

Housecalls Commonly Asked Questions

Q: How will you gain access to my property?
A: We will keep and use a key you entrust us with unless otherwise instructed. The key will remain in a safe and secure place when not in use.
Q: Can you give my dog their medication?
A: We have experience in medicating dogs, and are more then happy to do this. We will follow all instructions given to us, and direct by the medication itself.
Q: If my dog has an accident, please can you clean this up?
A: Of course. Hygiene is very important and we'll never leave a dog in their own mess.

You and your pet's health is paramount to us. So our housecalls service has had to adapt to meet safe social distancing practice. Please view our COVID-19 safegaurds, to learn how we are doing our bit to keep you safe.
Housecalls Current Prices
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